Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spring cleaning in July

Hey Everyone! It's been a while!

HOT Summer+wool=time to recharge our knitting fire!

Thanks to a generous donation of beautiful yarn and needles, we took this opportunity to do some spring cleaning....just a few weeks late. Nathalie and Allison spent all afternoon untangling and winding skeins of yarn and this week, we can boast about increased attendance despite the summer heat.

We have been on a baby blanket boom with over 6 blankets completed! There will be lots of warm babies in the fall! Next in line, we plan on coming together and learning the granny stitch through reading, video, websites and any of you who want to step in and teach us!

Knitting insight for today: When you have lost motivation to continue on the road or project, sometimes you just need a push from supportive people in your life and you can reignite the creative juices and find the will to journey on.