Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gwen welcoming winter

We would like to welcome Gwen T to our fabulous knitting circle. We have had a lull in the knitting group attendance, but now that cold weather is coming and we have new enthusiasm, attendance is picking up again.

Knitting finished project interview:

1)What project did you just finish?
I just finished my 2nd scarf.

2)how long have you been knitting or crocheting?
I have been knitting for 2 weeks.

3)who taught you how to knit or crochet?
Nathalie and Allison taught me to knit.

4)how does knitting and crocheting help you in your recovery?
From the beginning, knitting was very therapeutic. It keeps me grounded and focused as well. This weekend was the worst weekend I have had since coming to CHANCES and knitting kept me from going back out there and using. I was having strong thoughts of using and if it hadn’t been for knitting I would have gone out there. I couldn’t wait to get back here to CHANCES to be in my group. The scarf that I made may not be the best and there may be holes in it, but this scarf is very meaningful to me because it kept me from going out there this weekend. It is a great coping skill for me.

5)what is knitting and crocheting like at CHANCES?
It is great and therapeutic. I can stay in a conversation and continue talking to people even though I am knitting. I love it.

6)what would you tell someone who is in recovery and wants to knit or crochet?
TO KNIT! I would tell them to bring the whole family, have everyone come knit. It is great and at the end you have a beautiful outcome.

7)anything else you want to add?
I LOVE KNITTING! I am the biggest fan of knitting!